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  • Pocmi National

    Are you living away from home? Do you feel the urge to move back home but are uncertain how to find sustainable work opportunities there? Pocmi National is for you! Find the job and make the move with ease. All in one place. Learn more below.

    Pocmi Global

    Do you feel the urge to move to a new country but have no idea where to start looking for sustainable work opportunities? Pocmi Global is for you! Find the job and make the move with ease. All in one place. Click here to find out more.


    The POCMI National software platform is specifically designed for the unique needs of candidates like you seeking to return home from an international opportunity and employers back home that are interested in YOU. Whether you've been away for one year or a few decades, we make going home easy.


    The POCMI National software platform provides candidates with access to positions at employers that value your international experience and are excited for you to bring that experience back home to support your country's economic growth.

  • How's your country doing?

    Click below to see what opportunities and lifestyle activities are buzzing in your home country and what the economic growth plans for the future.

  • How Pocmi National Works.

  • 1. Create your international profile.

    The POCMI software platform enables creation of a profile to attract employers, provides an AI-based search, a dashboard to organize and manage your search efforts and specialized tools to evaluate your offer, comparing its value with your current lifestyle abroad - all across multiple devices.

  • 2. See jobs that are looking to be filled with citizens that have international experience.

    Employers in your home country post jobs here specifically for YOUR unique situation. You can do a manual search but we will also alert you when there is a job that matches your profile.


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  • 3. Connect with these employers.

    Go ahead, apply immediately. Or if you want more information before you apply, chat with someone from the company right there on your dashboard. The best part? Always know where you stand in the application process AT ALL TIMES. No more wondering if they've seen you or if you should keep your door open.

  • 4. Be courted and negotiate!

    Moving to a different country, even if you are returning home, requires a lot of consideration. These employers understand this and our software helps to make sure both parties don't miss anything. Additionally, go through a fair and reasonable negotiation with our special tools created just for this.

  • 5. Manage your move.

    Congratulations! You got the job! Now for the real work. Moving. But don't worry we've got you covered with information to make your transition as smooth as possible.


    Photo Credit: Woman using digital tablet while sitting at home by Jacob Lund from Noun Project

  • "Brawta" [Br-awe-tá]: Jamaican for "A little more"

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    Get timely and relevant information that is organized, relevant to you and searchable. Search features enable you to filter based on the step in the hiring process, tags and user defined search criteria.



    Customized professional services

    We want you to be successful and find the best opportunity – a great cultural fit doing work you enjoy with growth opportunities that match your aspirations. Along the way, we are here to help and provide customized services to help you find, land and transition into that great new opportunity.


    We are offering no risk subscriptions with special free offers. Click the button below to see which offer is right for you and get started now.

  • Have different international goals?

    Still have that international itch? Not quite ready to move home? Click here to learn more about how Pocmi Global can help.