Our mission is to promote innovation and peace through multicultural diversity in the workplace, and lift nations through human capital empowerment.


    Our vision is to improve high-skilled immigration and amplify global brain circulation.


    Our aim is to re-normalize and elevate high-skilled migration in hopes of helping to resolve global labor shortages, reduce the negative effects of brain drain, improve refugee reintegration and promote diversity.

  • About US

    Pocmi stands for Piece of Cake Migration and that's what we do. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it's that great talent exists everywhere. We created a SaaS platform to simplify high-skilled immigration and truly create a world with no borders for global talent and employers. Whether facilitating expatriation or repatriation, high-skilled immigration is complicated, risky and lacks global perspective. Pocmi is a single software application that integrates global talent matching, immigration and transition - all in one place with a global migration perspective. At our core we address high skilled labour shortages while helping companies and individuals save significant time and money in order to thrive in a global environment.

  • Our Platform Supports

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