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  • Revive the heart of your organization by reigniting appreciation for the human element of work.

    Enjoy four seasons of riveting conversations with Pocmi's partner podcast about how you and your employees can use humanness as a tool for success! These podcasts can be listened to here or on any major podcast apps.

  • Episode 00: Meet the Panel

    Learn about Pocmi's Founder, her host partners and their mission to reignite the appreciation for the human element of work.​ Who are Dr. Charlene Rousseau, Melissa Powell & Karen Millsap? What is this podcast all about?

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    Dr. Charlene Rousseau

    Dr. Charlene (Char) Rousseau is currently Director, Organizational Development & Learning at ChenMed. In her role, she leads a team of top-notch talented L&OD professionals in developing and delivering Clinical, Non-Clinical, and Corporate employees.

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    Melissa Powell

    Melissa Powell, Founder of Pocmi Inc., is an entrepreneur that is focused on using technology to solve socially impactful problems. She is also an international speaker, writer, podcast host and advisor. She focusses on all things future of work and talent mobility.


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    Karen Millsap

    Karen Mi. Allen helps people build their mental strength to overcome daily hardships, major challenges, and everything in between. Her program Stop & Shift, teaches how to reframe your thoughts, renew your mindset, and live an undefeated life.


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  • "I've been listening to the InvestHuman podcast since it launched and not only do they cover some great topics, like women in leadership, but they also ask great questions from the three different perspectives of the hosts. I love how this brings a deeper understanding of the topic to the listener. And I love the focus on the human element in business. Truly, that's one big differentiator that every business has that others don't - its human capital."


    - Diane Diaz

    " A really great podcast by three impressive ladies who are so knowledgeable and well connected in the human capital space. You can't go wrong by listening to this podcast."


    - Andy Storch, Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat Podcast

    "The wealth of knowledge is critical, life-changing and an extremely useful tool!"