• Season 2

    Episodes 11 - 20

  • Episode 11 | Developing Talent Before They are in the Door

    In this ever changing environment many jobs are either ceasing to exist or going through some sort of revamp, along with many new job types are rapidly appearing in the job market. This can make it challenging to find talent well prepared for a specific job. So how do we develop talent to be ready for the jobs in our organization before they even enter our pool of potential talent? In this episode we will discuss with Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Michel, developing talent before they are in the door.










    Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Michel

    Career & Leadership Consultant

    Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Michel is a career and leadership development consultant. His focus and expertise lie in coaching, training and the implementation of talent and leadership development initiatives. JP’s past clients include Sherwin Williams, Joy Global, Steelcase, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Halliburton, McKesson, Sam’s Club, British Petroleum, Corby, Sobeys, Hershey, and Pratt & Whitney.

    A natural relationship builder with a track record for successful collaborations, JP excels at empowering leaders in order to achieve top-level results. JP has worked with hundreds of leaders, from high potentials to CEOs, to help them better understand their assessment and/or 360 results, target strengths and growth areas and develop robust development plans that get results.

    JP earned his M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology from the Manchester Business School at The University of Manchester, and his B.A. in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Ottawa.




  • Episode 12 | Building a Trusting Tribe Through Conversation

    One could say, conversations are like air, no one needs to tell you how breathe – and no one really has to tell us how to engage in conversations, right? It’s mainly talking, a little bit of listening (insert sarcasm, active listening is MAJOR). But in fact, conversations are critical to building all of our relationships. In this episode, Michael will enlighten us about not only the importance of effective conversations, but how we can build trust and therefor, stronger relationships, by having better-quality conversations.










    Michael O'Brien
    Founder of Peloton Coaching & Consulting

    Michael O'Brien is the founder of Peloton Coaching and Consulting. He is passionate about helping executives and entrepreneurs create better tomorrows and results. Before starting Peloton Coaching and Consulting, Michael spent twenty-two years in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of executive roles across sales, marketing, and operations.


    Michael’s last bad day was July 11th, 2001. He was struck head-on by an SUV going 40 M.P.H. during a cycling training ride. Through his recovery and return to bike racing, Michael learned the value of perspective to become your best.


    He holds coaching certifications from The International Coach Federation, IPEC, COR.E Athlete Dynamics, Hogan Assessments, and Conversational Intelligence.


    To learn more about Michael, please visit his website: www.pelotoncc.net and social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.




  • Episode 13 | Developing Intrinsically Motivated Teams​

    Organizations often focus on connecting with employees’ extrinsic motivators but often find it difficult to connect with employees’ intrinsic drives. On this podcast, we look at intrinsic motivation and propose strategies for tapping into what truly moves employees intrinsically for enhanced organizational performance. Some of the topics we cover include moments of impact, the bottom up approach, and intrinsic sprinting.











    Daniel Nemzer

      Founder & CEO of OnePlan

    Daniel Nemzer is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses from the ground up. His mission is to help companies promote more engaged and more productive employees by improving the work culture. He holds a degree in economics with an emphasis on intrinsic motivation in the workplace. His current venture is a software startup that helps automate routine business processes.

    "I love my job. Not because I started the company, nor because we work on incredible things. I love what I do because I love my team. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with them daily, it is an honor to have people that put so much effort into their work. They put their trust in me and our company, and truly care about our vision. Every day, I leave with a smile. I make it a priority to constantly appreciate and acknowledge their work. My job as CEO is to lift them up as people, making their experience have purpose and satisfaction. This is why they do the same for me. This is what I love most, taking care of the people that work with me.

    As a founder, I am intrinsically motivated. Are you?"

  • Episode 14 | The Future of Work and On Demand Employment​

    In this episode Jeff will take us through an exciting podcast giving us a view of the future of work and on demand employment. The discussion will help both individuals and organizations begin to prepare for much of what’s ahead as it relates to the shift in work that we are currently experiencing as generations change and technology gives that extra boost forward. Some of the things we will cover include, break in lifetime employment contract; the key changes facing business today; and what a future state looks like for companies, worker and society. We also cover who makes the best on demand workers and the importance of your labour equation as it relates to companies making the best hiring decisions.

    As a bonus on this episode we get some great advice from Jeff about failure and the importance of a coach to the growth of leaders.









    Jeff Wald  

    Co-Founder & President of Work Market

    Jeff Wald is the Co-Founder and President of Work Market, a cloud software platform for managing variable labor resources. Jeff has founded two other technology companies, including Spinback, a social sharing platform (eventually sold to salesforce.com). Jeff began his career in finance, serving as a Managing Director at activist hedge fund Barington Capital Group, a Vice President at Israeli venture firm GlenRock and various roles in the M&A Group at JP Morgan. He is an active angel investor and startup advisor, as well as serving on numerous public and private Boards of Directors.


    Jeff holds an MBA from Harvard University and an MS and BS from Cornell University. He also formerly served as an officer in the Auxiliary Unit of the New York Police Department and is a Producer of the Tony Award Winning Best Musical, “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”. Jeff is a regular writer in Huffington Post and Forbes and speaks widely at conferences and television on startups and labor issues. Jeff was named “One of the 2017 ‘100 Most Influential People’ in Staffing” by the Staffing Industry Analysts.


    Jeff is also the author of a new book called The Birthday Rules: Critical Conversations to Have with your Children.

  • Episode 15 | Management Macro Skills​

    Verifiable evidence of managers’ impact on their department's productivity and contribution to profit derives from frequent, qualitative use of two macro skills - Leadership and Nurturing. Leadership satisfies intrinsic motivators while nurturing satisfies extrinsic motivators. Employees positively reciprocate when their needs are being met. That's engagement! Managers' needs usually differ from employees’ needs. In some cases, this discrepancy leads to insensitivity in manager and employee interactions.


    So, what’s the solution? That’s the focus of this podcast where we discuss the need to measure satisfaction, provide feedback, develop management macro skills, and assign accountability; and how all of this can generate profit from lower payroll costs.

    Joe Cox

    Founder & CEO of Diaplan Technologies, LLC

    Joe Cox is the Founder and CEO of Diaplan Technologies. Joe’s passion is measuring intangible management inputs and correlating them with measurable, tangible outputs. His research projects and books document his contributions to date in the employee engagement, training and development, and performance management space. He enjoys unscrambling complex behavioral issues and formulating tools to control them for profitable outcomes.

  • Episode 16 | Shaping and Sustaining Cultures of Voice​

    Organizational silence can be detrimental to an organization’s success. Some may assume employee silence means everything is running smoothly. However, culture, morale, creativity, and innovation are negatively impacted in organizations that are not encouraging employees to share their feedback. In this podcast, we discuss organizational culture, causes of workplace silence, signs of a culture of silence, and propose key strategies for shaping cultures of voice.

    **To our dear listeners, Please excuse some of our noise blunders due to technical difficulties in this episode. The content was just too good not to share it with you!**











    Rob Bogosian

    Founder & Principal of RVB Associations, Inc.

    Rob Bogosian is the founder and principal at RVB Associates, Inc., and has been featured in Business Insider, CNN Money, Fortune, CEO Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle and more. The firm helps clients achieve and sustain competitive advantage by linking leadership development to business strategy. Dr. Bogosian is one of the leading experts in organizational cultures of voice and silence.


    Prior to establishing RVB Associates, Rob was Vice President of Performance Development at Wachovia Corporation (Wells Fargo). In that capacity he was responsible for developing consistent enterprise wide leadership practices and organization development initiatives. In addition, he oversaw the development of the company’s high performing, high potential talent.


    Before joining Wachovia in 2001, Rob was Program Manager at State Street Corporation. He was responsible for leadership and executive development for middle to senior-level managers in the US, UK and Europe.


    He is the co-author of, Breaking Corporate Silence: How High Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice. His works are published in CEO Magazine, Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, Fast Company, HR Futures, Chief Learning Officer Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.


    Rob holds a Doctorate degree from The George Washington University, Washington, DC.

  • Episode 17 | Women in Leadership: Take up Your Crown​

    In previous episodes of this podcast we’ve covered a bit of the historical implications of women in leadership and the need for us to stop waiting to be facilitated. This episode's guest, Terri Lewis, helps us to dive deeper into the topic of Women in Leadership. Terri encourages women to take up their crowns. Set aside some of our societal fears and just be the right person for the right opportunity. This episode covers preparation to receive the right opportunity and do well in it.








    Terri Lewis

    Senior VP of Global Human Resources for Pontoon - A division of Adecco Group

    Terri Lewis is Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources for Pontoon, a division of Adecco Group. In this role, she is responsible for all aspects of the Pontoon global people strategy. With colleagues in approximately 40 countries supporting clients in 100 countries, Pontoon is a global HR outsourcing company specializing in improving an organization’s talent through management of the contingent workforce and statement of work resources as well as sourcing and recruiting direct hires.

    She received her Masters’ Degree in Business and Human Resources from the University of South Carolina and Bachelors of Science in Business from Clemson University. Throughout her career, Terri has been an advocate of the HR Professional as a business partner with a true understanding of the organization and the ability to develop and implement a people strategy to enhance business results. In addition to Pontoon, she has worked in organizations such as PSS World Medical, General Electric, International Paper and Brambles Ltd. She is on the Board of Directors for the Jacksonville diversity Council as well as a Steering Committee member of the Wolfson Children’s Challenge Foundation. She lives in Jacksonville, FL, with her husband Fletcher and son Carter.

  • Episode 18 | The Power of Story​

    Storytelling has become the most effective part of internal and external customer gain. On this episode we explore how to communicate your story and how the power of story can be used for leadership efficacy in order to better lead your teams and position your product.

    Books mentioned in this episode:

    A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

    Drive by Daniel Pink.











    Michael Gaines 

    Principal at Gaines Consulting

    Michael Gaines began his Organizational Development career as an instructor and business development manager for the corporate training programs at Outward Bound, where he worked delivering leadership development programs for such clients as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Cox Enterprises.

    Most recently Michael has consulted to key executives and faculty at Apple, Google, Facebook, Genentech, Vans, Salesforce.com, Comcast, Hewlett Foundation, Synaptics, Airbnb, KPMG, Deloitte, Grey, Mekanism, Autodesk, Pivotal, TuneIn, Cirrus Logic, Hexcel, Stanford University and the University of San Francisco.
    Michael’s operational experience comes from his first career as a Production Manager for Carsey Werner Productions and later for NBC Sports and Turner Broadcasting where he managed the budgets and logistics for such events as the NBA Championships, World Cup Soccer, and The Olympic Games.

    Michael is the Past co-President of the Northern California Chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning and is the current co-Chair of Illuminate the Arts, the organization that brought the Bay Bridge Bay Lights to San Francisco. Michael is also the author of the GREAT Storytelling program that helps leaders at all level be more effective delivering compelling live messages.

  • Episode 19 | Effective Leadership in the Modern Work Environment​

    Leadership has always been important but it’s more important than ever before. Through LearnLoft’s work and research with their Welder Leader Program, they’ve uncovered what the most effective leaders do differently. They simultaneously use high levels of love and discipline. In this episode John will take us into a deeper understanding of how leadership IS for everyone and how organizations can think differently to facilitate this in their employees, in order to achieve success for both the individual and the organization.

    Free Resources:

    Take the Leader Assessment to see if you’re a Exploiter, Ruler, Pleaser, Dabbler, and Welder at www.learnloft.com/assessments


    Books mentioned in this podcast:

    The Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know by Bob Beaudine

    2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything by Bob Beaudine

    John Eades

    CEO at LearnLoft & host of the Follow My Lead Podcast

    John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft, host of the Follow My Lead Podcast, Author of F.M.L. Standing Out and Leading Others, and writes a weekly leadership column on Inc.com. His writing and podcast has reached millions of people something he is deeply humbled by. John and his team at LearnLoft won the 2017 Readership Award from Training Industry.com for their article “Dispelling the 5 Myths of Microlearning" He resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 2 young children.

  • Episode 20 | The Human Element: Getting Real Work Done by Getting Real

    A lot of time is wasted every day, every week, every month, every year, on the "people" issues that get in the way of being productive. If everybody was more open and authentic from a place of self-assuredness, the workplace would be much more effective and efficient. In this episode, you’ll hear from our panel and Dr. Laura Gallaher on how to communicate in self-accountable and self-aware way.


    Dr. Laura Gallaher

    President at Key Talent Solutions, LLC

    Dr. Laura Gallaher is a Licensed Human Element Practitioner having achieved her PhD in Organizational Psychology from UCF. She began her career at NASA Kennedy Space Center, working to re-align the culture following the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy in 2003 and then later founded Key Talent Solutions in 2013. Today, Dr. Gallaher works with executive teams to improve team cohesion, build trust, and dramatically improve accountability and productivity in organizations.

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